Call yourself a mummy blogger?

As i lay here chatting from my bed, trying to induce an early night, to ease the pain of tomorrow, whilst peering through the cracks of my smashed blackberry  due to it plummeting to its near death state whilst i excitedly filmed new bendly leg dancing boy earlier, I realise a Christmas has passed and a new year is upon us since I last wrote!

And now the time has come for me Honest Mummy, that am sure any mummy dreads and that is the return to work from mat leave…….. Dum dum daaaa!

After being an emotional wreck for the last 2 weeks, tonight other than the obligatory stomach doing summersaults i’m surprisingly ok? Yes you read right, ok

I’m gonna call it denial as I am starting a new role and basically I’m ‘on the road’ which transpires into, I have not got a scooby what am doing tomorrow or where am going?! Ha

I’ll dust the olde lap top off, probably have forgotten all of my access passwords, locate my phone to call IT to find that it is of course dead of charge, find that the charger has gone AWOL to then finally once overcome all aforementioned challenges, realise I don’t remember what my mobile number is for the help desk to call me back!

Throw in, first run to child care with the heroes, a few cups of coffee, a meeting with the boss and I think I’ll call it a work day! Phew……….

I mean come on, I was heavily pregnant on my last day there ;-)


Happy New Years people, look forward to writing to you all in a far more consistent mummy blogger ‘working’ honest mummy fashion

Honest mummy doing some KIT days

The cloud loomed, the time arrived a suit was donned and am in the office!

It’s day 6 the weekend and rest of my maternity leave is in sniffing difference and wafting in my direction and my god are these next 3 weeks going to be precious.

I havnt quite figured out how to sort a 11 month old and get ready and get out the door, but hey I’m making it, just.

So please bare with me and I’ll be back the other side of the weekend :-)

There’s a monster in the house!!

As a Mummy or Daddy, from the moment you have conceived you feel totally in awe of this little thing you have created. Your goal in life becomes that to nurture, develop and create a loved, well rounded amazing little human being. From the baby that cries a lot when you bring them home, to the sleepless nights and troubles with feeding, you love them endlessly and in your eyes they can do nothing but right. The sun does actually shine out of that tiny little bottom and all the worlds gravitational pull comes from that little life you made………….aaaahhhhhhhhh


‘It’ (Strong, but a fair description for the behaviour I am witnessing and obviously said in jest) then sits in front of you on the livingroom floor, throwing its arms to the floor, leaning forward with some vigour putting his head on its knees and wailing, with a very funny, Im trying really hard to produce tears here, but I will wail and make some strange whimper noise anyway, in a one man sort of protest thing stylie and you think- what happened?

The wailing cause I’ve been put on the floor, the wailing cause I cant touch the TV, the wailing, cause Daddy has gone upstars, topped with why can I not put my fingers in the power sockets, play with the ipad or your mobile phone? Is actually quite an interesting one? Did I expect temper tantrums at coming up for 11 months old? errrm not so much?

So with Mummy being the evil witch from god only knows where and daddy being the best thing since slicest bread, being that I am the primary carer currently we are in for a good day ;-)

Friends and groups we will see and attend, we are in for quite a treat! I ponder as to what is the best way to deal with this ‘phase’ as quickly as possible, without Mummy and daddy becoming bald or resulting in alcoholism?

I’m feeling ignore, but any pointers are much appreciated here!

So from this day fourth, I name the boy ‘monster’ – its a bloody good job he is cute!!  ;-)

And am sure the sun does still shine out of his tiny squidgy bottom (most of the time) xx


some time may have passed

As the above statements proceeds me in fact weeks may have passed, but you can guarantee that nothing short of the normal mayhem has been afoot in the HM household!

Bio-hazard and quarantine tape were placed on the door, contamination suits left for those daring to enter, as yet another gastro virus has ripped throught the house, making ‘l’eau de vom’ the fragrance of no choice in HM HQ. The energy reserve drive due to a lovely telephone conversation with a lady regarding our bill and tariff, seems to have gone full steam a head in a romping fashion in the opposite direction! Due to aforementioned gastro disaster with a twenty four seven washer -dryer action (don’t get me started on that piece of rubbish) and dishwasher set to boil. the ‘man down’ count stands at 4-0 to they boy and god only knows how many more we got in an unkown fashion.

And of course, I would not be me if I had not delivered my usual calamity fashion a mighty blunder, this time in the stance of a poor driver from the garage picking up my car for a service.

The scene: Dressed in my over-sized t shirt and ‘lounge pants’ I answered the door, on day one of what we shall just call vom feast. A lovely gentleman came to collect my car to have it serviced, after completing the transaction, I gave him the obligatory thumbs up, only to get my thumb caught under said over-sized t-shirt flash him the honest momey bristols, as no undergarments were being worn and I was that sick I could not turn my shade of green to red, so I merely hung my head and shut the door - let that be an over-sized sloppy wearing warning to us all.

The shame and I am officially an idiot!

So, as I have just stepped up and stuck my toe in my coffee cup, creating  a small, yet substancial sized ‘dowe eggburts ‘ reservoir on our pale livingroom carpet, I better go before the frown of doom from the husb alters his face perminantly ;-)

Nice talking to you all and I will definitely be back tomorrow.  Have a lovely blustery sunday xx

NOTE: The eagle eye of you may notice that I have altered the heading to my page to include Daddies. I felt I need to correct this oversight on my part as there are alot of Daddy primary carers out there and also some who write some great blogs- some of which in my ‘wort a look links’


Having a quick word with myself?

It’s  the 6th of November  and I’m not feeling proud to announce that I have completed the boys Christmas and birthday shopping?

What ever has happen to me me?

Am feeling smug at my voucher usage and discounts gained and Santa need not get suck up the chimney this year as its free delivery!! I actually got excited? (smug face on the money saving tho!)

After finding that the menu of choice for lunch now appears to be pizza and peas, a quick trip to the over crammed soft play, where ear plugs should be dished out on arrival, if not just for the bellowing over the tannoy that food other than that purchased in said establishment was not allowed, never mind the screaming hoards of little darlings!

It’s 10 month check time this afternoon. So for now am gonna enjoy a cuddle with my boy, who now holds tight to muzzy the comforter and enjoy every second of my 10 month baby!  Absolute bliss! (my god where has this time gone?) Xxx

Congratulations  to my friend on the birth of your baby boy – big love little familyx

Paperwork and catching a falling man

Today involved the old coggs being placed into action, wd40 at the ready for the ear holes to get things moving and 3.5 hrs down the ‘meaty’ document of why I should be allowed to work one day less a week was completed………. Uff!

Trip out with granny,  nap and the afternoon consisted of lurching and travelling at the speed of sound (nevermind the man jumping out the balloonie thing a couple of weeks ago, you wanna be round her red bull, watching lunching mamma save the falling ‘ cruising ‘ boy from iminant head contact with floor!) – now that impressive!  should work off yesterday’s calorie intake ;-)

A trip to the swings and a disastrous tea time, only saved by peas and blueberries, completed the day and it is done, but I cannot seem to shift this thought of January is romping around, my baby is 10 months this week and am filling this bloody document in for 4 days?

How did that come about?

Anyways, wrap up warm, be fire work safe and have a lovely evening xx

Can someone stop letting off fireworks outside my house!!

Ps. Why does my chuffing elc promotional code not work and why do I have to go into a store?

Jim jam day at Honest Mummy HQ

A successful pyjama day under my belt, apart from a quick dash for something to fix a very angry and sore rash of the nappy variety am pooped and ready for an early night!

I have two thoughts on a pyjama day: why are they so tiring, with countless dozes when the boy does, dinner actually managed to be consumed in a relaxed fashion with the husband, during one of said naps. Secondly, why do they make you so god damn hungry? Is it because you have nothing else to think about? Am sure the average calorie intake during one of these days is increased quite significantly? (thank god for rain hindering a sneaky chocolate run with the boy and the buggy as my cover!)

So as the husband pops off to make me a cuppa and find us something else to munch on,  I shall sit feet up after this atrociously tiring day and reflect on this point.


Busy day in the HM household, you can tell eh? X

A little inspiration from Honest Mummy

As I sit feet up on my own on the sofa ( The husband on some driving thing), coffee precariously balanced on a coaster on the sofa (due pre-discussed child proofing and table movement) made in Chelsea catch up on the box and the sun glinting through the blinds on the chilly November morning I am feeling slightly inspired and wondering what the hell happened, that maybe HM is getting it right?

Ok the scene setting is a bit much granted! But all true, the boy lays Z’ding in his cot this Saturday morning the same as yesterday morning……………………… But to top it, we had an ASTOUNDING 11 hours 45 minute sleep last night?!!!?

Again no jinx attached, but this house feels remarkably calmer? It brings me to question, was I the one creating the problem ha ha? Errrm perhaps but I prefer to look at it like the circumstances have now all fallen in to place.

No in no way am I bragging about this, as I know alot of you Mummies are still having the constant feeding/night feeding, Nap and SLEEP battles of Mummy versus baby, what I hope to show is a little inspiration and that there may just be that little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how small as if a doozer from the fraggles is wafting around his teenie tiny torch.

I am completely aware that a may not be completely out of the woods in any shape or form, but you have to take every little win ever day!

As I mentioned I have been working on ‘sleep training’ or the controversial Cry it Out method, its no  biggy, but if anyone wants details just send me a message- although am sure you have the details of the least distressing way to complete this programme.

So in conclusion on this joyous day, I have been night feeding a baby who probably didn’t need it and just had a sleep association with milk to resettle, turning the monitor to low is a GOOD thing so you don’t hear every breath snuffle of squeak. Being prepared and consistent has helped me, but mostly speaking to someone and getting confirmation my plan was right- in the form of a lovely nursery nurse.

But all that sleep last night, I cant quite figure out why am tired? lol – errr probably too much for the old HM bod to cope with ;-)

Happy Saturday everyone, enjoyxx

Note: Dedicated to my friend who is starting the Mummy versus baby battle on Day 2 and is so far winning!! Cooome on Mummy!

In synopsis of the last few weeks

After baby proofing afternoon from hell, re-fixing an awkwardly balanced stair gate, trying to drop the base of the cot – which incidentally should be a 10 minute job, 40 minutes later and a door stop order placed with amazon, i’ll call that baby proofing for now.

Yes the boy no longer lays like a sausage and is now on the move. It has rapidly developed from the awkward kind of crawl with one leg outstretched shuffle, in to getting across the hall and leaning there are new places in this house! Wowzers….. and did I just say wowzers in public?

I put this down to being I am pleased to announce with no jinx attached, a much healthier and happier eating boy due to the medication seeming to work – we are even demonstrating signs of a double chin!!

When ones little bundle sets about the quest to move this is aided by bare legs and nappy/vest only wearing, right? So this does pose a slight wardrobe dilemma and possible fashion disaster to follow now its cold….. Which brings about my question…… Is it wrong to place the boy in a pair of leggins for ease of movement and warmth and call them skinnies?

So looking like an extra from baby swan lake with his little skinny legs in his ‘skinny trousers’ (not leggins/skinny trousers) Wayne Sleep and I, sorry I mean the boy will be heading out to a birthday get together, trimmed with a very boyish jumper, boots and bobble hat! Whilst mastering baby muscle man tensing pose of the arms! grrrrr!

I personally see nothing wrong with the above!!

Night weaning is taking place in the household and what am classing as night 3, but should possibly be night 1 has just taken place (the confusion stems from the night I decided to start this process with a little sleep training we shall call it, The boy decided, am not hungry am not gonna bother waking’ and this continues the night following, go figure…..)I sometimes feel I may be being played a little?) This all goes to reinforced my decision that now is actually the right time for this……..With a delightful 3 o clock wake up call this morning (and reached the 4 minute ‘sleep training’ cycle)back off to sleep- phew, you think as you lay there with every muscle in your body tense trying not to breath!

I’ve ebay’d everything that I can ebay, including buggy, changing bag etc and replaced this with what I should have bought in the first place – not what looks prettiest!!! Things are good in the boy household until…..

Here’s it looms the low point, its November, the return to work is ominous and the clouds are gathering. Someone has flung over a flexible working document and a business case that needs to be completed and I cant find the box to tick that says mode on transport ninky nok, as that is about the level of my current business prowess?

A 2 week training course looms in 2 weeks, I have to leave the boy, my boy, every day for 2weeks at what is now my favourite age we have reached. With the crawling, laughing, eating food and throwing food, dancing in the car loveliness we share together every second of every day to go back to that……the job (not that I don’t want to work, as you will see from my sanity levels, I really need to, but 4 days, not 4 days) But with a pretty decent job, education sections on application forms left with plenty room for a little comedy doodle when completed to try to distract and aide application - alas at present I feel I must count my chickens – although I wish currently they would do a runner from theie little coup!

Does Blogger present career opportunity? oh no I just love doing it for fun ;-)

Anyway, it appears for once this week i may have been successful in achieving morning nap in the cot (hoorrah a small cheer from somewhere at the back) I must prepare for the half term mayhem of soft play and am going to survey the wardrobe and ponder if the boy and I should compliment one and other in matching ‘skinnies’ not leggins ‘skinnies’

And cue, its bin day and here is the bin lorry – perfect, never noisey at all.

Good to be back,Honest Mummy xxx

(ps there will be a few reviews appearing on the site, if not your thing you can just hit honest mummy daily blogs and read from there to exclude)

finger out, over moaning about being tired its just a fact of life now it seems so am dealing with it, blogging tippy tappy (paintd nails) fingers at the ready and am back on it, Honest Mummy tomorrow x